May 4, 2012

Lizzy's Been Found!!!

Thank you, Jesus!!! Lizzy has found a committed adoptive family. The process is still in the early stages. Please, please keep Lizzy in your prayers, pray for a smooth adoption process, and please consider donating towards the cost of her adoption. A new blog by her adoptive family will be starting up at:

Thank you for all your love and support for Lizzy!!!!!

Feb 21, 2012

Lent Starts Tomorrow!

It's a common practice to give up something during Lent as penance for our past sins. Many people opt to give up a favorite food or drink -- chocolate, coffee, or soda, for example. Naturally, I part ways with cauliflower each and every year. It's also a common practice to give alms during Lent, to be mindful of those less fortunate than us. I figured I'd make it easy for you, since it might be hard to think in your caffeine-deprived state come Ash Wednesday. Why not donate a portion of what you'd spend on coffee or chocolate or soda (or whatever) to Baby Lizzy's adoption grant?

Lizzy currently has over $3600 and each and every dollar will bring her closer to her forever family. International adoption is krazy expensive -- like $25,000 expensive -- so anything to help defray the costs for an adoptive family is awesome. And then when the going gets tough, when you are struggling to continue your Lenten fast, you can think of that sweet little baby, halfway across the globe, who will directly benefit from your sacrifice.

"Amen I say to you, as long as you did it to one of these my least brethren, you did it to me" (Matthew 25:40).

Feb 19, 2012

Great Article on Down Syndrome!

Check out this great article by Gabe Lyons, the father of a child with Down Syndrome:

"Our fellow citizens have fought hard to encourage and protect diversity and acceptance in our society. We wear political correctness as a badge of honor; but the rising statistics of pregnancies terminated after a Down syndrome diagnosis reveal the hypocrisy of our celebration. We see equality as sameness and diversity in shades of color. We embrace differences when they fall within our market-driven, politically correct framework but rarely when they disrupt our status quo. When a fetus is diagnosed with Down syndrome and the mother chooses not to carry the child to term, more is lost than her future inconvenience and fear. The world loses another soul in its greater body."

Feb 17, 2012

Lent For Lizzy

Next Wednesday, February 22nd, is Ash Wednesday. It is a common practice in the Christian tradition to give alms during this penitential season. Consider donating to Lizzy's grant...Lent for Lizzy!

Jan 21, 2012

A Great Weekend for LIFE

I like to have choices. I like to pick my meal when we go out to eat. I like to pick which pair of grubby sweatpants I will lounge around in all day when it's cold and rainy. I like to pick what station to listen to on the radio. Those are all choices, and I like having them. But when people use the term "pro-choice," they're not talking about things like food, clothes, or music. They are talking about one thing, and one thing only -- abortion. So as we prepare to mark the 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the court decision which legalized abortion in the US, if you start hearing people talk about "choice," ask them what the mean by that.

Dec 31, 2011

Our goal for 2012

Thanks to your overwhelming generosity, more than $2500 has been donated to Lizzy's adoption grant during the 2011 Angel Tree campaign, bringing her total adoption grant to over $3500! You are a helping a child in need in a real and tangible way. This money will help an adoptive family cover the exorbitant costs of international adoption -- $25,000+ in Lizzy's part of the world.

In this coming year, our goal is to see Lizzy's adoption grant continue to rise -- and to find her a forever family. Will you join us in praying for Lizzy, and for all the sweet babies on Reece's Rainbow? Perhaps 2012 will be their year!